Enneagram & Motivation


The 9 Types

The Enneagram is a dynamic system describing nine personality types with distinctive motivations and perspectives. Although we are each unique individuals, we share common human needs and have developed strategies to get our needs met.

The nine types orient around these survival strategies and help us to navigate our relationships, our inner worlds and our shared world. The Enneagram types differ based on their primary motivation and this is what you need to be curious about in discovering your type.


According to The Career Within You by Elizabeth Wagele and Ingrid Stabb,
their core motivations are:

  1. The Perfectionist: To make improvements.
  2. The Giver: To meet the needs of others.
  3. The Achiever: To achieve a successful image.
  4. The Romantic: To express individuality.
  5. The Observer: To acquire knowledge.
  6. The Loyal Skeptic: To reduce risk.
  7. The Enthusiast: To explore possibilities.
  8. The Protector: To establish self-reliance.
  9. The Mediator: To maintain harmony.

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